3D visualization bathroom interior

Trend  2018-2019 3D visualization bathroom interior

3D visualization bathroom interior, the designer performed in a modern style, as well as a living room.

In this interior the designer also used gray color and natural materials. Here, the 3D visualization interior, the two styles were, namely modern and eco-style.

Designer characterizes natural materials with eco-style. In the visualization of the bathroom, we can see the walls of a natural matte stone. A modern round sink stands on a large slab of natural stone.

Also, pay attention to the wall next to the bathroom. PORCELANOSA tiles give it a charm. Such wall plates make the interiors unique.

Designer also highlights the wall next to the bathroom. Creates a contrast 3D bathroom interior. I think that you have already noticed a laundry niche, built in from the side. Also, this is an ideal solution for saving space.

3D visualization bathroom interior

Contrast in the interior

Above all look at this bathroom visualization. What do you see? Of course, in this 3D interior there is a good contrast. The designer singled out the blinds, the floor, the bathroom lining and even the toilet in dark tones, and the walls in light colors, which makes you feel cozy in this room.

Let’s talk about the floor. Above all the floor designer decorated from natural plates of the collection PORCELANOSA London. Here the designer adheres to the basic rules: light walls – dark floor, dark walls – light floor.

The mirror is located on two walls, which gives the 3D bathroom a visual volume. The mirror has a rectangular shape with linear illumination along the top edge. On the ceiling, a suspended chandelier hangs with fabulous large lamps. By the way, such chandeliers are the trend of 2018-2019.

Also, one of the main trends in 2018-2019 is the flower cactus. In the 3D visualization of the bathroom interior, the designer has placed it on the insolation. It is used almost everywhere – in the bathroom, living room, corridors, kitchen, bedroom, shops, cafes, restaurants. So, do not be surprised of this.

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3D visualization bathroom interior
3D visualization bathroom interior
3D visualization bathroom interior
3D visualization bathroom interior
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