How to visually enlarge the space

How to visually enlarge the space

How to visually enlarge the space in a small room

Here are the basic rules how to visually enlarge the space in a small room, while keeping coziness:

Low sofa and transparent chairs

In the interior is better to use a sofa with a flat shape. This technique saves space. It is also not recommended to place an angular sofa and an armchair in the small room. Transparent tables and chairs will also help to save space. They have light transmission capacity and do not clutter up the room.

Tall narrow closets and vertical stripes

You may ask: “How to visually enlarge the space?” with the right furniture. Regardless of whether you design the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, choose the closets that will visually be higher vertically than horizontally. This is also true for interior doors. The wallpapers with vertical stripes will also increase the room volume.

Furniture that matches the walls

Another way to visually increase the space is to use the light shade of the wall and furniture two shades darker than the wall. Thus, the furniture will blend without attracting attention.

Small patterns on the wallpaper

If you want to use a small pattern or flower ornament, choose a clear and fine print. You should also not forget that a big print zooms in, and the small pulls away. But when it comes to tile, the opposite rule acts. Larger tiles visually expand the space. If the size of the windows allows, you may not use curtains, and design the room in the Scandinavian style, or use roller blinds.

Mirror wall

Mirrors are often used in interior design, they expand the space. It is also better to use one mirror side than to place many small mirrors in the room.

Sliding interior doors

If you have the opportunity to place sliding doors, do it. Of course, it will save and free some space for a working zone or a recreation area.

Different light sources

Provide several sources of light in the room. In this way, the space will be bigger and lighter.

Decorative elements

Try to avoid small decor, because such things as a flower vase, a picture frame or a statuette litter the space. Use only those decorative elements that are combined with the tone of the walls or have some useful function.

Footed furniture

A simple way to visually add space to a room is to raise a sofa or chair on the legs.

These are the nine basic rules for the visual increase of rooms, I hope they will help you.

How to visually enlarge the space

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