Pastel colors in the interior

Visualize pastel colors in the interior

Pastel colors in the interior will look not only beautiful, but also will have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of man.  Even the bright colors are diluted with white tone, will be pleasing to the eye and create a relaxing pleasant atmosphere. Pastel shades believe diluted with white. The result is a pleasant, bright shade.

Features pastel colors in the interior

Given the nature of the pastel palette, it will be a good interior decision to use it for finishing small rooms.

Light wallpaper visually enlarge the space. Pastel combines well with white and gray tones, as well as with more vivid manifestations of its shade. Pastel colors look good both as a background and as accents.

For rooms with windows facing the north side is better to choose pastel wallpaper warm colors, such as yellow or peach. For the south side fit cold colors, blue, mint, lavender.

Remember that before applying the pastel shades of the walls must made flat and smooth, carefully process them. Otherwise, the slightest discrepancy between the colors will appear clearly because of the work.

Neutral colors can reflect and absorb the surrounding bright colors. Therefore, using winter shades more saturated, you can create a “warm” environment, and in summer – on the contrary, cool.

Pastel in the interior visually enhances the space and the amount of daylight. This quality is useful for small rooms on the north side of the house.

Gentle range of colors can create a calm atmosphere, lightness and sophistication. You just need skillfully pick the desired shade, furniture and decorative objects.

Where to apply warm pastel colors in the interior

A bathroom with no extra meters of space can often also contain a dressing table. For the ritual to take place in high spirits, choose light peach curtains and a cute pink ottoman.

The bedroom is the center of peace and regularity; therefore, soft pastel tones of warm colors are most relevant here. In addition, it is possible to decorate a room beautifully with lace, a delicate graphic pattern and decorative things.

In small rooms, such as hallways and walk-in closets, it is not enough just to apply a warm shade; you need to back it up with the right light source.


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