3d-hallway-visualization3D hallway visualization 

Interior 3d visualization hallway

3D visualization of the hallway made in a modern style. Entrance hall – a space that accompanies us every morning and evening encounters. Certainly this is the first space that sees everyone who comes to our house. Also that is why any homeowner wants to see his hallway made in the general style of the whole house.


In private homes, hallways are usually more spacious, have windows. On the 3d render of the hallway you can see a round large window. Opposite the window, there is a large, white cabinet.

In addition, there must be a place to wait and take off your shoes. It can be ottomans or a small sofa.

Certainly in this hallway near the door designer to place a large mirror over the entire height and a table. On the sides of the mirror, the designer set the linear illumination along the entire length. Even more in the area of the mirror on both sides of the wall decorated with wooden slats.

Also if we talk about the design of the hallway in terms of practicality, the first rule is the use of moisture-resistant materials. For such materials is not difficult to care for. Also it is necessary to take into account the high risk of mechanical damage.

Certainly the hallway can create the right mood; show the character of the whole interior of the house.

About the ceiling, a perfectly smooth white ceiling is the key to success in the design of the hallway.

Certainly in order for the transition to the rest of the premises to be smooth, all the trimmings must be neutral.

In a private house, it is also better to complete the entire decoration of the floor of the hallway with ceramic tiles. It is expensive, but durable.

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