Living-room-visualization-3Living room visualization

Pastel colors Living room visualization

Living room visualization formed in pastel colors. In design, there are no screaming and causing color.

Well combined with each other warm, moderately cool and pastel colors in the interior. This beautifully seen on the Living room visualization.

Lighting chosen in such a way so as not to strain the eyes and not create sharp contrasts.

All the lighting fixtures are in place, thanks to which the proprietor sees all the furnishings in full view. Pastel range of interior acts very soothing. Also in the room, there is a tension white ceiling, which reflects. A chandelier in the shape of the flower looks great on the ceiling.

The highlight of the designer in this room made big photos on the wall, on the edges of their covers modern sconces.

It also very well seen that the sofa occupies half of the room, but it looks very harmonious. Of course, there should be flowers in the room and the designer placed them on both sides of the room on a stand.

The furniture is made in bright colors as well as sitting on the sofa, you can relax and watch your favorite show.

Interior design in pastel colors allows not only to work as productively as possible, but also to spend time at your pleasure.

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