Modern living room

Visualization of a modern living room

Take a look at this beautiful modern living room, made in the shades of gray. The size of this room is 36.01 m2.

Also the visualization of the living room transmits every detail intended for the designer. Of course the room is very bright thanks to the panoramic windows. Also, the designer chose window frames with the color of the dark walnut. Certainly white tulle gives a feeling of comfort and tenderness. On the floor, the customer preferred a non-standard glossy gray tile.

Most noteworthy, the designer divided the room into two zones.

Modern living room

First zone

Furthermore in the first zone, there is a large gray sofa with cushions. Green color cushions makes the sofa an interesting object in the interior design. In contrast opposite, there is a couch in beige color. Also n the middle of the room, there is a low square table of dark wood.

Also, the joint decision was to make dark gray walls. This color that emphasizes the magnificence of the clock hanging on the wall.

Above all in this modern interior, it is impossible not to notice the wall between the windows. The entire height of the wall is occupied by a mirror facet. As a result this mirror gives to the modern living room a touch of luxury.

In the corner of this zone, there is a large tropical flower, whose presence even more creates a good mood.

A mixture of lighting types (linear, point and chandelier) makes this living room therefore unusual.

Second zone

In contrast he second zone is much smaller. In it, the 3D interior designer  has placed the composition GRAPHER COMPOSITION. Which consists of a sofa, a floor lamp and a coffee table. Also you can retire and read a book or magazine.

Tempered glass on the doors of course gives the chic room. In addition, the wall opposite the window was decorated with tiles Athenee Petite Royale / ROYALEFW / collection. Note: Brass, Calcutta Oro, Pacifica Blue & Quartz Grey Module size: 1.63 SF / MODULE.

During cold evenings, you can warm up by the fireplace built into the wall and watch your favorite movie. Your guests will consider themselves at home.

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