Toilet visualization

Toilet visualization

Modern toilet visualization interior

The toilet visualization must be present in every home. The size may be different. Depending on the area of the house, there may be several toilets.

On the visualization, you can see as the designer has designed a small toilet room. It is located on the ground floor of a double-story house. In the house, there is already a bathroom in the bedroom and a bathroom for children.

Of course, the designer had to think everything out well. Since it is not easy to arrange a small room with comfort. The task of the designer was to make the room visually larger, and more spacious.


On the toilet visualization, you can see that the walls are made of two types of tiles: white decorative and dark wood.

First, you should know that in order to make the toilet brighter and more interesting, do not use tiles of the same color in your design. The smaller the space is, the bolder the color combination should be. Of course, the amount of white color in a small toilet should exceed the amount of dark shades.

On the floor, the designer placed the wood-like tile two shades lighter than on the walls.

The highlight is a round mirror with built-in lights and a round window. Just do not forget that the mirror visually expands the space.

As you have already noticed, the sink and the toilet are also round. As for all kinds of furniture and accessories, there should be very few of them.

Lighting should not strike the eyes and be too bright. A good option is a diffused and soft light.

Moreover, the flowers will provide freshness to the room.

Of course, keep order in this room, because a small toilet, like any other miniature space will seem to be a tiny room if you litter it.

You can also look at the kitchen, bedroom, living room located on the ground floor of this house.

Toilet visualization

Toilet visualization

Toilet visualization
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